Integration tours

Imprezy integracyjne

Our events are featured by their unforgettable climate.

We invite you to a splendid feast in a gypsy camp, where at the sound of guitars by the fire you’ll be able to take delight in the unusual gipsy dainties; or to a Knights’ Banquet, where “the clang of armour and arms recalls the times of bravery and victory and the tempting smell of roast meats lures all palates”; or to a Regional Banquet, where in an old inn or in a villager’s hut at the sound of music, dances and songs combined with rustic tales, competitions, a lot of fun and laughter, comes the time of joy and relax.

And maybe you’ll like to ride the “iron horse”, the “double-headed hydra”, to climb up to skies or to fly there in a balloon, to flow along calmly and peacefully in a boat or a canoe.

Any program, its form and duration, may be adapted to individual wish.

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